Countess of Ellis Island

Anyone want a Starbucks cup?

Anyone want a Starbucks cup?

So when did they stop selling cheap paperbacks at truck stops. I tried two this morning and nothing.

Installing Yosemite Beta 3, wish me luck. #macos #yosemite

Went to Woman and the Body at Avalon in Boulder this evening. Was amazing, but wore myself out dancing, going to be a long night at work.

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Customer satisfaction surveys at the end of calls should include rating the hold music, and that part should be the first they act on.

You know you’ve had too much need whaen you’re dancing with a yellow jacket.

Honking at a parked car because it’s not moving is a lesson in futility, just saying.

Boulder Pride starts shortly. If you live in Boulder or can get here, come show your colours!

Just saw a guy on a bicycle with a chihuahua in the basket and a photo camera on an arm on the front pointed back to him. #onlyinboulder

So we’re against Iran being in talks on fighting ISIS because of its support of the crack down on rebel groups in Syria. Wasn’t ISIS one?

"Paid for by don’t turn race tracks into casinos." Wow.

Yep, definitely snow now. #boulder #snow

That rain is coming down way too slowly to be rain… #boulder #isitsnowing

"Child labour is only okay if you’re crafty."